Remote installation and setup of Apple devices via ZTD

Zero-Touch Deployment by Jamf
Remote hands-off connection and deployment of Apple devices. Automate connection of new remote employees!
АSBIS – official partner of Jamf in Kazakhstan
Zero-Touch Deployment (ZTD) by Jamf is a solution for zero-touch deployment of Apple devices, app installation, updating, and granting necessary access.

Zero-Touch Deployment Features

Automatic deployment

Automatic enrollment

There is no need to configure every device manually.
You can manage your Apple devices from a single management point – user-friendly software.

Automatic configuration

Automatic management

Set up apps, security policies, and other settings right after you connect the device.
You can manage software updates and access data on corporate Apple devices.

How Zero-Touch Deployment Works

Enroll devices in the Jamf Pro catalog.
Employees receive their devices and turn them on.
Configure new devices.
Employees can start using their devices immediately.
ZTD can save your IT team time, as well as improve the security and efficiency of your device management.

Reduced Maintenance Costs with ZTD

Zero-Touch Deployment can help you reduce maintenance costs by automating various tasks, such as software updates and troubleshooting.
ZTD and MDM are different solutions that help companies manage their Apple devices.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Focuses on Apple device deployment.

Mobile Device Management

Suited for managing devices after they have been deployed.

Zero-Touch Deployment vs. Mobile Device Management

Quickly and safely connect your devices via Zero-Touch Deployment
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