Mobile Device Management by Jamf
Connect and manage your Apple devices on a single platform – set up and deploy applications, connect devices to your company's resources, and provide them with corporate-level security.
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Jamf Mobile Device Management
73 500
companies globally
>31 mil.
Apple devices managed
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Tasks Solved by Mobile Device Management

Device management

App management

Remote deployment and removal of apps on employees' devices.
Restricted app access, time tracking, and app update management.

Security management


Remote wipe, password management, user profile and group creation, and access rights assignment.
Software deployment, app update, device setup, blocking apps, monitoring.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management for Your Company


Cost saving

Use Mobile Device Management to prevent data breaches and protect your company against cyber threats.
Centralized management and task automation help enhance IT teams' efficiency and save the company money.

Workplace efficiency

Your employees will manage their devices using a single interface, while you will get access to device and app monitoring.
Jamf is an easy-to-use and scalable solution
That is why companies of all sizes and industries adopt it. Mobile Device Management helps businesses to manage Apple devices anywhere in the world.

How Jamf Mobile Device Management Works

An administrator enrolls devices into Jamf Pro.
The administrator can monitor and manage devices.
The administrator assigns device rules:
New users receive their devices and can start working immediately (after following the on-screen instructions).
  • app deployment,
  • connecting to the company's resources,
  • updates,
  • protection and etc.
Manage Your Apple Devices with Jamf Mobile Device Management
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